Meal Plan Monday


Another Monday and another menu!

Monday – crepes with a potato, sausage, egg scramble
Tuesday – meatball sub casserole and green beans
Wednesday – fried rice
Thursday – soft shell tacos
Friday – mini pizzas with veggies and hummus
Saturday – hobo packets
Sunday – Hamburger teriyaki, mashed potatoes, and corn

Spring Simplify Giveaway!

Have you been feeling the vibes that Spring is coming?! I was doubtful for awhile… this winter was long.  So so long!  I am ready to welcome more warmth, sunshine, the smell of dirt, seeing seedlings break through, and baby farm animals.  I’m also ready to let go of things that clutter my space and things that clutter my mind.

I’m so excited to share this energy in an e-course with Beck from Wellness Hammock.  It’s called Spring Simplify and it starts on the Spring Equinox.  Seven days, seven emails for you.

realign. reduce. simplify.

The truth is … it’s easier to simplify than it is to organize.

It’s easier to let go of emotional baggage than it is to compartmentalize.

It’s easier to detox a body than it is to fix a toxic body.

Will you join us?

I’m giving away one spot to my readers! Here’s how you can win a spot:

1.  Leave 1 comment why you’d like to win.

2. Like Wellness Hammock and Making a Home on FB and leave a comment to let us know you did.

3.  Share this giveaway on FB or Twitter.  Comment again if you did.

The winner will be announced on March 16th!


What are essential oils?

Many friends have noticed that I am absolutely in love with essential oils, but they tell me they have no idea WHAT essential oils are or HOW the heck to use them.  Hopefully this will help clear up some of that.  (You can peruse oils here too)

As James says (and Wikipedia) they are “aromatic hydrophobes” or smelly things that are scared of water.  I like to call them aromatic compounds.  Anyway…. they are an oil made from parts of plants like the bark, stems, leaves, flowers and they have a very strong smell.  Each plant has different oils that protect itself from disease and predators.  Each of these oils has properties that  can benefit us as well.


There are many ways to use essential oils and each oil has different properties that can support our bodies and minds.  But the three main ways to use essentials oils are aromatically, topically, and internally.

Aromatic – This way of using essential oils is by using their smell to benefit us.  Scientific evidence shows that are vitals like blood pressure and heart rate change using essential oils this way.  You can do this by diffusing, using an oil burner, or even putting them into your humidifier.  Oils can improve moods with their smells and they can even kill germs by being diffused into the air.

Topically – Most oils can be applied topically either neat (directly to the skin) or mixed with a carrier oil (like coconut, sweet almond oil, or jojoba for example).  Essential oils can help with headaches, cuts, bites, burns, acne or other skin ailments.  They can also be absorbed into the skin to help fight off colds, heartburn, nausea, or constipation just for examples.  I like to apply them like perfume so that I can carry the aromatherapy with me all day.

Internally – I use and sell doTERRA essential oils, which are pure therapeutic grade so most can be used internally (they will have a supplement facts sticker on the bottle if so).  Not ALL brands can be used internally!  Essential oils can be used in your drinking water or in a capsule to support your immune system, detox the body, or help with digestion just to name a few.

I hope I answered some questions about the basics of oils.  If not, leave me a question in the comments please and I will find out.  If there’s a certain oil you’d like or have a question about how to support a certain ailment with oils, please let know.

My doTERRA site 

Meal Plan Monday


I’m trying new recipes and freezing extras this month. Wish me luck! :)

Monday – Stuffed shells, salad, steamed cauliflower
Tuesday – Jumbalaya
Wednesday – Roasted chicken and veggies
Thursday – Sweet salmon, baked potatoes, and broccoli
Friday – Homemade supreme pizza
Saturday – Smothered burritos and corn
Sunday – Crockpot meatloaf and potatoes and green beans

Meal Plan Monday

I think I skipped last week’s menu – whoops! ;)  We’re still using our menu plan from the beginning of the month even if I had to adjust some days as we move along it still makes it easier than guessing at 4pm what we will be eating for dinner that night.



Monday – Lasagna, salad, and homemade garlic bread

Tuesday – Minestrone soup

Wednesday – Roasted chicken with root vegetables

Thursday – Soft shelled tacos

Friday – Homemade pizza

Saturday – Pasta cauliflower

Sunday – Rabbit fricassee

Share something new you have cooked up lately!

Sovereign Series Winners

The winners are….

Tammy Bodge-Terry
Carrol Wixson Patterson

Please send an email to jenniesmith at gmail dot com with your mailing address so we can send out your books.

Thanks for participating, and if you didn’t win please visit for your own copies. :)

Win 2 books by Jennifer Wixson!

Lookie lookie what I got in the mail!  I dove right into the first book called Hens and Chickens by Jennifer Wixson, and it’s so good ya’ll!  Who is looking for the next book to get on their 2014 reading list?  You could win these first two books in the Sovereign Series.


Here’s a brief synopsis of the 1st two books:
Book 1: Hens & Chickens: Two women downsized from corporate America move to Sovereign, Maine, to raise chickens and sell organic eggs and discover MORE than they bargained for, including love!
Book 2: Peas, Beans & Corn: A Maine army guardsman returns to his hometown of Sovereign with the secret dream of restarting the old corn canning factory, aided in his new mission by a young organic foodie for whom he quickly develops feelings.
She’s currently writing Book 3 now (due in July 2014) and Book 4 (the last, phew!) and a complementary Sovereign Series cookbook will be published in 2015.
We will be giving away 2 sets of these books, so TWO of my lucky readers will win!!!  Enter below with rafflecopter!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(A winner will be chosen on Sunday February 16th at midnight)

Meal Plan Monday

I really tried to be aware of the staples we have in our home this month for preparing this menu.  We have a lot of frozen veggies left from the summer so those will accompany most meals.  And it’s cold “yous guys,” I will be making soup more often!

Monday – Taco Pasta, raw veggies and dip

Tuesday – French toast and bacon with green smoothies

Wednesday – Fried rice with duck (James cooks while we are driving home from dance)

Thursday – Baked ziti, salad, and garlic bread

Friday – Homemade pizza and salads or raw veggies and dip

Saturday – Chicken marsala

Sunday – Chili with homemade bread

What are your favorite winter meals?

Meal Plan Monday

This week should be pretty normal for us besides making food for the Super Bowl party we attend. I’m not looking forward to the extreme cold again for a few days but I plan on baking bread and maybe some cookies to make us warm and happy. :)


Monday – Veggie scramble, homemade toast, and bacon
Tuesday – Stuffed shells from the freezer, salad, and garlic bread
Wednesday – James is making chicken
Thursday – enchiladas and corn
Friday – supreme homemade pizza
Saturday – kale and potato soup with homemade garlic bread
Sunday – Smax Farm chicken wings for the Super Bowl

Making bread with kids…

Most days, I just want to pour my own ingredients for baking and cook dinner without kids on chairs next to me. I can do things faster, I think. I just want to get it done because a baby is waiting to nurse or diapers need washing or or or!

But when I slow down, my kids and I do things like watch the dust flour fall in the sunlight and land on the chair.


I look at them in a different way as they take the time to help me, as they learn to take turns pouring ingredients and they ask me about what each thing is.


When I slow down to include my kids, we are both learning together. My learning is patience, being in the moment, and gratitude. So I can catch little prints in the flour on the counter rather than calling it a spill.

20140123-065929.jpg class=

The greatest joy is having this as the end result and the kids beaming as they tell people they helped make it over dinner.


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