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Herbal Nurturing: A Family Healing & Learning Guide GIVEAWAY

Are any of you unhappy with your doctors or pediatricians?  Do you think maybe you can take some control of your health and the health of your family by doing things a little more naturally?

Last year about this time, Val had an infected toe.  Now I’m not talking about a little cut that was a tad oozy.  I’m talking about her entire toe turning green!  We went the pediatrician, who happened to be out of town, and we had to deal with his fill-in.  She was not polite, she took a sample, told me the results would be in on Monday because of course it was a Friday, and even rudely asked me if I was going to breastfeed in front of her.  Okay, I’m getting off of my soap box.  She told me to just give Val some antibiotics and to be on our way.

Well, maybe she should have just told me this over the phone.  I could’ve guessed that’s what she would have done.  So we called our chiropractor – who we should have called first.  He told us about a homemade salve to fight infection, we made it, and within a few days it was HEALING!  Drastically!  Without antibiotics that would change the healthy flora of her gut.

These things work, and I wanted this book because I wanted to make a stash of goodies to keep on hand in case of scrapes and even when Mama just needs a soak.  In barely any time at all, I made three different soothers from Michele’s recipes to start my healing stash.

I bought some ingredients and containers from Rose Mountain Herbs and Tropical Traditions.

And this is what I made!

I am happy to announce that I am giving away

one copy of

Herbal Nurturing by Michele at Frugal Granola!

This eBook covers a lot of things from salves to teas and

syrups to lip balms.  It’s a great companion

for a family who wants to get well


To enter leave separate comments for more chances to win:

1.  What you would like to learn from this book?

2.  Like Frugal Granola on Facebook.

3.  Like Making a Home and Family on Facebook.

4.  Post about this giveaway on your blog and leave the link in a comment.

For those of you who can’t wait

for the giveaway,

use FAMILY25 when you get your

Herbal Nurturing book for 25% off!

The giveaway will be announced on

Friday around 8pm CST.

Good luck!

Welcome to my Home Wednesday ~ You Don’t Need A Job – You Need Guts!

  • ::So we realized we are human when we came down with the stomach bug.  Yuck!  I’ll spare all the details, of course but that’s why I’ve been so quiet.  I’m blogging now to the hum of my dishwasher and my washing machine.  It means we are on the mend!
  • ::An awesome E-book launched today!  Have you heard of it?  You Don’t Need A Job, You Need Guts! Buy it – Ash will rock your world!
  • ::By this time next week, we should have signed on a great house to rent.  I will wait until next week when everything is for sure before divulging anything.  I swear I jinx myself if I share too much too early. :)
  • ::We put up our Christmas tree and our decorations this week even among all the craziness.  How are you preparing your home for the holidays?

Save on your health this Thanksgiving!

Herbal Nurturing from Frugal Granola

Now is a time to give thanks!  I’m thankful for so many things:

  1. Little things like my warm cup of tea, sugar cookies candles, and my cat purring next to me.
  2. Big things like my family, my love being home for the holiday, and my little girl and all she has taught me.
  3. Things in each moment like my chance to choose, to smile, to share.
  4. My blog and the real connections I have made online.
  5. My health.

I am also sending many thanks to my fellow blogger and mama friend, Michele at Frugal Granola because she is sharing a discount to her e-book.  It’s called “Herbal Nurturing: A Family Healing & Learning Guide.”  It’s packed full of homeopathic and natural ways to cure the common cold, flu, and bumps children get (among so many other things).  I am thankful for my health, but sometimes we end up fighting colds around the holidays.  Make sure you get this e-book for 50% off to help you stay ahead of the game!

Use the code THANKS50!  Get “Herbal Nurturing” for less than $4.50!

It’s only good until November 26 – so hurry before it’s too late!

Herbal Nurturing from Frugal Granola

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Grassfed Beef Discussion and Review

Within the last 6 months or so, my family has switched from eating locally raised beef, to organic beef, to grassfed beef.  So, what’s the difference?

The local beef we were purchasing was from my brother or from his friends who also farm.  We knew that they were raised and killed ethically and were in the pasture at least part of the time.  They did eat grain and the grain was not organic.  This was just our case – your local farmers may do something different.  Ask them! :)

Organic beef means that the fields they graze from are not treated with pesticides, they aren’t given antibiotics, and the grain they eat is organic too.

Grassfed beef means the cattle is raised like it was meant to be.  Not on grain, but on grass.  Roaming in a pasture.

So why would a family choose to pay a little more to have grassfed beef?  What are the benefits?  From our research we have learned grassfed meat is better because:

  1. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which fights cancer and prevents clogged arteries among other things
  2. It has a better ratio of Omega 3′s and Omega 6′s.  An imbalance, found in grain-fed beef, leads to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, depression…
  3. I just learned today is has a high level of vitamin B12, which can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.
  4. It tastes better!
  5. The cows are eating the way they were meant to so that we can have healthier food too.

Tonight’s dinner was organic grassfed beef burgers from Rocky Mountain Organic Meats with diced and roasted sweet potatoes, and it was all so yummy.  It was even better because the burgers were FREE!  I had won them – a whole 8 pounds of burgers.

These burgers are BIG!  I can polish one off, but I am a nursing mom and I’m always hungry.  I think one burger with all the fixin’s and a side of fries would satisfy any appetite.  They take awhile to cook because of their thickness, but it so worth the wait in taste.  A little grease but not too much (remember it’s the good fat)!

Check out Rocky Mountain Organic Meats on the web, on YouTube, or on Twitter.  Let them know I sent you. :)

Sharing Some Saturday Morning Reads

If you are a photographer and love giveaways, check out Walk Slowly Live Wildly’s giveaway of an Emily Falconbridge Camera Strap!

I caught this article about Modernizing your Diet with Traditional Foods from The Natural Parenting Center.  I just started on it, but it looks intriguing.

Have you seen this map?  It takes the visual of the oil spill and puts it right near your home.  It sure makes it more real if you aren’t living it on the Gulf….. and so much larger!

Great post about Family Happiness!  Start living and being happy! :)

Happy reading and happy weekend, friends!



I went unplugged from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday.  I did use the phone a couple of times to text and to check email since I had a Craiglist sale pending, but otherwise the computer was closed and the phone was not being used.  So many times a day, I refresh a page to see if someone may have updated a status or responded to me when it’s just not important.  It’s important to pay attention to my needs and the needs of my family, and I got to do that so much more when I unplugged from it all.

I felt more focused on things – I could read chapters without the computer open next to me to check Facebook or Twitter.  I could enjoy a ride in the car at night by watching the stars rather than turning on my phone.  I wrote in a journal, I read in my book that has been sitting for days while drinking tea in the sunshine, I took a long shower, I spent time with my family,  and I participated in a teleclass through the Natural Parenting Center.

It was so refreshing to unplug, and recharge myself for once.  This may become a weekly occurrence.  If you try it, let me know! =)

Picture courtesy of

W.I.S.H Summit

If you are looking for free information on health, relationships, money and so much more be sure to sign up for the W.I.S.H Summit.  It’s THREE full weeks of speakers that include David WolfeJules Dervaes, and Victoria Boutenko.

This will be something I schedule into my day, not only as a treat for me to lift my spirits but as an inspiration to keep learning about health, parenting, and relationships so I can become a better wife, mother, and fellow keeper of this planet.

For more Frugal Friday, visit Life as Mom.

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