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Welcome to my Home Wednesday ~ Sold and making new friends

Welcome to my home!  This one… the one I may only be living in for a little over a month because we signed sale papers on Saturday!  We had an inspection today, so pending anything major IT’S SOLD!  Whoa!

Expect a few changes in my “Welcome to my Home Wednesday” posts from now on.  Like, where we’ll be living for one!!!  We’ll keep you posted as we go along. :)

More about all that here.

You know one really cool thing I did this past week? I met up with a Twitter friend to have coffee.  She is from nearby, she blogs, she is fostering a LO (a very cute LO), and she’s lovely.  I am so glad to have made the connection!

What fun things have you done this week?  What is happening in your home today?

Sweet dreams!

Some days, as a mother, are just long.

11pm last night, Val fell asleep.

5am this morning, Val woke up.

“Mama, get up.”

Already? She wasn’t buying that it was still na-night time.

The poor little girl is teething, we’re both tired, but luckily we I was the adult and kept a positive attitude today.  I didn’t pull the “Really kid, I’m tired.  Poor pititful me party.”  She is the one  trying to get teeth to pop through her gums for pete’s sake!

It was, overall, a good day!  I even called in back-up so I could get a breather tonight.  I took the dog out for a 25 minute walk in the misty dusk, and it was great.  Chilly air in my lungs, a sun setting, the local football team practicing in the practical dark for “the big game” coming up.  Val got to relax with her Grammy and cuddle to read books.  Total win-win!

I am so thankful she is sleeping right now.  Not because I wanted a break or peace and quiet – although those are nice too – but because I know she is comfortable enough to rest now.

I’m about ready to get that comfortable too.

Sweet dreams, friends!

Meal Plan Monday – November 15-November 21

Monday~ B: Smoothie and toast  L: Tuna salad  D: Chili at my parent’s house

Tuesday~ B: Cereal and fresh juice  L: Sandwich and fruit  D: Stew (that we didn’t do last week)

Wednesday~ B: Eggs and toast  L: Leftovers  D: Milliet and cheese casserole and biscuits

Thursday~ B: Toast  L: Leftovers  D: Tacos

Friday~ B: Cereal and fresh juice  L: Leftovers  D: Pizza

Saturday~ B: Toast  L: Hummus and veggies and boiled eggs  D: Cottage pie

Sunday~ B: Bacon and eggs  L: Leftovers  D: Burgers, fries, and peas

For more meal plan ideas, be sure to visit The Organizing Junkie.

Sunday Inspiration

This past week was spent in many usual ways like doing the big grocery shopping stock up, spending time with family, Val learning new things, but it ended with a BANG!  Our house sold (pending inspection because I don’t want to jinx anything)!

That inspires me to re-evaluate a lot of what is going on around me.  Thoughts like ~ Do I need this item?  Should I sell it or store it?  Where will we be in 2 months?  What do we want to do with our lives?  Hah!

Links to inspiration on this Sunday:

~A 2 minute audio each day at 365Tao. and Jason Mraz on Sesame Street.  Sesame Street makes everyone smile, right?

~Morning routines and how to wake up to make your day AWESOME!  Wake up on top of the world and Four Questions to guide you through the day.

~Cordwood Community Center

~Hooping ideas from a blogging friend

Have a happy and inspiring Sunday and make it awesome!

Selling our stuff!!!

Our house has been on the market for awhile, but pending a home inspection it will be sold on December 30th!  It’s exciting, but it also makes me a little anxious – especially around the holidays.

It will all work out.

To add to it all, did you also know that we are selling our RV?  And some possessions?

Where will you live? People have been asking!

Who knows?  I do know that they rent places every day, and that we can purchase a different RV if we want.  One that would fit our needs a little better.

What do we want to do?

Travel, visit friends, go to warm places, hang out with family, have land and a house, have big gardens, live around like-minded people, have a community to call our own…  So many things, so little time.

I accept the opportunities that await us!  I am positive it will be a great adventure!

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This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

For more moments, visit Soule Mama!


So, I said I was going to try new scripts and try a new dance with my daughter and I did.  It was a beautiful one!  We had a great day together!

The twos (even though she’s not quite 2 yet) can be TERRIFIC!

Why?  Because….

  1. She’s learning and exploring.
  2. She’s eager and goal-oriented.
  3. She’s teaching me and challenging me.  (Yes, challenges can be good.  They help you grow.)
  4. She’s spontaneous and light-hearted.
  5. She smiles and giggles.
  6. She’s so filled with joy.
  7. She has so many ideas!
  8. Her world revolves around playing… who doesn’t love to play?
  9. She dances, runs, plays, eats, and all other things without worries of what others think of her.
  10. She doesn’t hold grudges and loves unconditionally.

Looking at this list makes me hope that she’ll keep all of these terrific traits into her teens and adulthood.  So many of these get lost along the way!  I don’t want to be the one to change her idea of life and tell her those traits are terrible!

Goal of my THURSDAY?!  To be more like my Terrific (almost) Two Year Old!

Welcome to my Home Wednesday ~ “Terrible Twos”

I’m beginning to wonder if the “terrible twos” have begun in our home this past week.

She has began demanding, “Hurry up, Mama!”  ”Get up, Mama!”  ”Mama, draw now!”  There are times when I’ve kindly, and not so kindly (SHAME SHAME), said not right now.  But mostly, I am just trying to wrap my head around so many ideas.

She must have heard me demand of her SO many times.  ”V, hurry up!  Let’s go!”  ”V, let’s put your diaper on!”  I can only imagine where she learned to demand of others.  Now, after looking back on it all – I can see why she gets so furious with the demands.

Because if I hear one more, “Mama do such and such right now!”  I might blow a gasket!

Why?  Why does her requesting of me make me so angry?  Why can I literally feel the anger building?  Why if she wants something does it almost put me on the edge… like nails on the chalkboard?


Because who really likes being told what to do?

Do you?

I don’t.  I don’t like people “making” me do something, and I’ll admit sometimes I don’t even like them even suggesting I do something.

So maybe it’s not the “terrible twos!”  Maybe we are just at a point where we can both communicate well enough to tell each other what to do, but neither of us wants to hear it and neither of us is communicating in a way that we can both do what we want to do (most of the time).

We just need to learn new scripts!

I’ll be learning more empathy and how to dance with her this week. :)

Sweet Potato and Lentil Burrito Recipe

I had a few inquiries about the sweet potato and lentil burritos on the menu plan from yesterday, so I thought I would share the recipe.  It turned out to be a lot easier than I anticipated – although it does take awhile to finish.  It was super yummy!  I was hesitant, but I chose the recipe because I had lentils in the cupboard to use.  I am so glad I did!

Sweet Potato and Lentil Burrito Recipe:

From Mothering Magazine


4 sweet potatoes

1 T cumin

2 t chili powder

dash of salt

6 burrito shells (I used Ezekial tortillas)

2 cups cooked lentils

1 cup salsa

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese


Roast the sweet potatoes at 425* for about an hour.

Cook the lentils.

When the potatoes are finished, remove and cool until you touch them.  Take out the inside of potatoes and mash it with seasonings and set aside.

Spread a few tablespoons of sweet potatoes, lentils, and salsa down the middle of the burrito shells.  Put shredded cheese on top.

Fold up the burrito (mine look like enchiladas because of the type of shell I had – it would have broke in burrito form).  Put into a greased pan, put shredded cheese on the top of each burrito, and bake again for 10-15 minutes.

Enjoy the sweet potato and lentil burritos and expect to be full afterwards!

Check out more vegetarian friendly dishes here!

Meal Plan Monday – November 8-November 14

I didn’t post last week because my menu became of a mish mash of whatever I could scrape together and eating with my family a lot.  This week, however; it’s filled with new recipes and my cupboards will be stocked from my monthly shopping trip.

Monday~ B: Smoothie and toast  L: Out for girl’s day  D: Sweet potato and lentil burritos

Tuesday~ B: Cereal and fresh juice  L: Leftovers  D: Chili

Wednesday~ B: Eggs and toast  L: Leftovers  D: Spaghetti

Thursday~ B: Toast  L: Leftovers  D: Nachos

Friday~ B: Cereal and fresh juice  L: Chips and guacamole  D: Pizza

Saturday~ B: Toast  L: Tuna salad  D: Stew

Sunday~ B: Bacon and eggs  L: Leftovers  D: Burgers, fries, and asparagus

For more meal plan ideas, be sure to visit The Organizing Junkie.

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